DJ Patrice Bäumel draait klassiek in TrouwAmsterdam

When I was asked to become part of the upcoming edition of Yellow Lounge on February the 7th in Trouw, I was immediately intrigued. Their mission of introducing classical music to a younger, more club-oriented audience is challenging but filled with potential to create and experience something new and completely different.

I will be DJing (playing only classical music) before, in between and after concerts by cellist Alisa Weilerstein and violist Daniel Hope. These two artists may seem unfamiliar to most of you, but are considered absolute world class. As I'm writing this, I am listening to some material of Daniel and Alisa. I love it. Cinematic, full of emotion and surprising details, sinister - it really is music that takes you to an unknown place, that opens new doors inside your head.

Directly after their respective performances, I will play modern reinterpretations that I have made of some of the material of Alisa's and Daniel's sets, giving the listener a good direct comparison of two different approaches. This way, a connection is made between the classical and the modern – precisely what motivated Yellow Lounge and Trouw to collaborate.

Text: Patrice Bäumel